Beats By Dre Studio Review

Beats By Dre Studio Review

This is my personal Beats By Dre Studio Review. I only review products/services i own or have previously purchased. I will never review anything that’s looks “good” or “promising” unless i purchase it and try it out myself. If you are interested in a product and want me to do a review about it, email me at  Okay lets get to the Beats By Dre Studio review.


Beats By Dre Studio Review | Over Priced?

You always hear/read, people complaining about the beats by dre being too pricey. Personally i think they are a little over priced, $300 for a pair of head phones? People are always talking about how you can buy headphones with a better quality for half the price of beats by dre. Even though the Studios may not be cheap to some, they are badass headphones! The over the head style design and spacious ear cups make them a very comfortable pair of headphones. The bass on the Beats by Dre Studios is really nice and loud. I have compared them with other competing brands and the Studios have blown the competition away in my opinion. Which inspired me to write this Beats by Dre Studio Review. You get loud bumping headphones, “cool” looking headphones all in one.


Beats By Dre Studio Review | Cool Features

You can ask Beats by Dre Studio owners why they purchased the headphones, and majority will say they got them for the looks. This is true, Beats by Dre have a built recognizable, popular brand name that makes them “cool” to buy. You always see famous Celebrities wearing and promoting Beats that make people want to buy them. They see artists like Lil Wayne rock some Beats by Dre and think “If he thinks they’re cool, all my friends will think they are cool. Im buying them!” Some of the best features the Beats By Dre Studios have are the ear cups, they’re foldable, detachable cords, power isolation, noise cancellation. The ear cups are built with ultra-soft breathable materials making them super comfortable. They are foldable headphones that make them easier to carry, this style is now copied by many other companies. The Beats by Dre Studios come with 2 different cords, one regular cable for your mp3, the other for your mp3/phone. You are able to pause and play songs with the remote control cord. You can also answer calls and change songs directly from the remote control cord.  The Studios also have a button on the side of the headphones to quickly pause the song while holding it. Depending on the color of the Studios you get, you may get a different colored cord. This beats by dre studio review is based off of my Red beats by dre studios, which come with a red cord. The headphones come in different colors, silver, white, blue, red, black, orange, green to name a few. They have a gloss finish, looks shiny and feel smooth. The only feature i don’t like about the headphones is the fact that they are powered by 2 AAA batteries(included). Well if you want loud bass and good sound quality i guess it needs something to give it power. They last quite a while, and I used them a lot. In my opinion these are the best beats you can get if you have the money to purchase them. If you do end up purchasing some i would love to read about your Beats by Dre Studio Review.

 Beats By Dre Studio Review | Beware of Counterfeits

Every since the beats hit the market, so did the cheap counterfeits. These counterfeits look almost identical  like the real ones. They can easily fool anybody, because they are hard to distinguish them from the original ones. Even though they may look the same, trust me, they DO NOT sound the same. I don’t care what anybody says, i have listened to some fake ones and are nothing compared to the real ones. You can do a bass test on you tube and the counterfeit ones will sound scratchy, just bad quality period. Besides the counterfeits not sounding the same, they will also break easily. They are not built with the same material, they are built with cheaper material in order for them to make a profit leading to cheap headphones. I RECOMMEND NOT buying beats by dre headphones from eBay. eBay is full of counterfeits and people don’t know it. That is why a lot of them are real cheap. People go to eBay to purchase cheap beats by dre. Also do not buy them from Craigslist, 90% of them are counterfeits. Make sure they are legit, proof of purchase etc. I purchased some green studios from eBay, they ended up being fake after comparing them to the real ones. I got my money back from PayPal, they don’t like counterfeit items and will help you get your money back. I ended up buying my Red Studios from Amazon since you can buy them directly from the manufacturer(monster) right from Amazon cheaper and come with warranty.


That does it for my Beats by Dre Studio Review :) . I will try doing more reviews sometime this week. I know i dont have a lot of reviews or posts on this blog yet, but gradually i will many other posts to keep you entertained. If you liked this post, share it or comment below. If you want a specific product reviewed before you buy it send me an email( or comment below.