Cheapest iPhone for Sale

Cheapest iPhone for Sale

This post will be about finding the cheapest iPhone for sale. There are many great places to find and buy a cheap iphone. Ill let you know some of my favorite places to buy from and some places i would not buy iPhones from. Finding a really cheap iphone can be easy, you just have to do your research. I owned a few iphones, and I get a few people ask me, “where can i buy a cheap iphone 4″? Im telling you the best places to finding the cheapest iPhone for sale.


Cheapest iPhone for Sale | Craigslist

Craigslist is always my first option to buying an iphone. Simply because you get to negotiate with people and get a better deal. When people post their iPhones for sale on craiglist, they usually need the money. Knowing that they need money, you can offer them a reasonable price they are willing to take. Lets say for an example they are selling a iPhone 4s for $400, I would then simply offer them $350. I would send them a quick little message or email similar to this:

“Hi, i saw your ad on craiglist and i’m interested in the phone. I will offer you $350 cash and pick it up right now. Let me know what you think, i will reply immediately thanks! I can be reached at (555) 555-5555″

This has always worked for me and should work for you as well! Its worth a shot, you have nothing to lose right? If they dont reply, simply move on to the next one. I had some write back with their own offer which was lower than what they had on craiglist, which was pretty good. That price beats buying a used iPhone on ebay for $500. Another plus about finding the cheapest iphone for sale on craiglist, its that its LOCAL! You can find a cheap iPhone today and have that phone in your hands TODAY! That is why i think Craigslist is the Cheapest place for iphone 4, or whatever model you are looking for. Remember the older the model, the cheaper price. If you dont find a phone today, they might post something tomorrow or the next day. So keep a look out on craigslist while shopping on

Cheapest iPone for Saleother sites.


 Cheapest iPhone for Sale | Amazon

My next option for finding the cheapest iPhone for sale would be Amazon. Amazon is very reliable and trustworthy company for all your needs. I moved from eBay to amazon simply because the shopping experience is much better for me. I find really low prices on Amazon that sell for more on eBay. The have customer reviews you can read, and I’ve never been scammed like i have on ebay.  Amazon has every model of the iPhone available, new, used and refurbished. Making Amazon one of the cheapest place for iPhone 4( newest model). Don’t want to spend a lot on the newest iPhone? You can also get  the older models which are still awesome. Just type in what iPhone model you want and find the cheapest one. I want to also recommend buying a refurbished iPhone. Refurbished iPhones are always a good deal, great condition and come with a warranty! Maybe you can find the cheapest iPhone for sale right on Amazon(below).

Cheapest iPhone for Sale | eBay

Ebay is the next option for me on finding the cheapest iPhone for sale. The reason why that is, is because people on that site are looking to make a profit. How do i know that? Because i do it, i sell items on eBay including an iPhone 4 i sold a couple months ago for a $200 profit. People want to sell and make money from their iPhone. People are willing to pay quite a bit for an iPhone off of eBay. Usually i don’t trust buying from eBay as much anymore due to me getting scammed a few times. I have also received faulty items that i ended up getting my money back on. Still, who wants to be wasting their time returning items? Obviously there are some good deals on eBay, thats why people keep going back. Here are some tips when looking for the cheapest iPhone for sale on eBay:

  • Make sure seller has 100% or pretty high up there Positive feedback
  • Read their feedback
  • Make sure seller is not new and has sold items before
  • READ the description WELL at least a few times
  • Make sure they allow Refunds/Returns
  • Pay with Paypal ( they help get your money back on faulty items)
  • Dont buy iPhones form Hong Kong or similar countries where counterfeits are popular
  • If you have any doubts, Message seller with your concerns
Follow these tips and eBay can be the cheapest place for iPhone 4. Depends on if you find a good deal. There is always new auctions being listed daily, so check back often.

 Cheapest iPhone for sale | Extra tip

Here is another quick little tip for you to find a cheap phone. The chances of one of your friends or someone they know owning an iPhone are pretty high. What you can do is ask them if they know anybody selling an iPhone 4 or if they ever decide to sell their phone to let you know. Usually they will ask their friends and sooner or later they might find someone selling their phone. The benefits for this  would be of course its local, you know the person selling it to you, and its gonna be cheaper. You know you’ll be getting a good working phone, unless you have bad friends. :)
Well there you have it, my favorite sites to find the Cheapest iPhone for sale. They may not be the best for everybody but they work for me. If you found this helpful, like, +1, or retweet it, thanks!