Flip Video Ultra HD Camera Review

Flip Video Ultra HD Camera Review

Is the Flip Ultra HD the best camera for YouTube? In my opinion not only is the Flip video camera the best for YouTube, it is one of the best HD video cameras for its size. People are always asking, What camera should i buy? So i’m going to give you a full review of the Flip Ultra HD, and what you should expect from this fancy mini YouTube camera.


About the Flip Video Camera | Ultra HD

Unfortunately, in 2011 Cisco shut down the Flip Video Camera business. They no longer were going to continue selling the cameras. They still would continue to provide support for the cameras. Fortunately you still can buy the Flip Video Cameras(Below), there is not a whole lot of them left, obviously since they are not in production anymore.

 Best YouTube Camera | Flip Ultra HD Review

Flip Ultra HD

When the Flip Video Cameras shut down its production, it was expected for new, competing HD Cameras to replace the Flip. In my opinion that has not happened and wont happen anytime soon. Its vibrant HD video (720p / 60fps) and its image stabilization feature, provides some of the best HDvideo. The Flip Video Camera was and still is the best youtube camera used by most of the top YouTubers as their primary vlogging camera. Many of the youtubers you watch today, started their youtube career with one of the Flip Video Cameras. Simply because its the Flip Ultra HD is the best HD video camera for vlogging. It can not get any easier with the Flip Ultra HD, just turn it on and start recording unforgettable moments in HD. With its  2.2 x 1.2 x 4.2 inches ; 8.8 ounces dimensions, makes a very good mini video camera. It is slimmer than the previous generations, making it easier to capture video on the go anywhere.

Features | Flip Video Camera

The Flip Ultra HD comes with 4 or 8gb models, letting you record up to 2 hours of HD video. The Flip Video Camera is rechargeable(usb), connects directly to your mac or pc, no wires necessary. Also has the option of powering up with 3 lithium AAA batteries as backup source. Comes equipped with its own FlipShare software for quick and easy video editing. You can organize your files and share directly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Besides the files being recorded in MP4, they display in 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 60 frames per seconds. Includes the option to connect to your HDTV with a HDMI output port.

 What Camera Should I Buy?

This really depends on what your goals are. Whats your main purpose for buying a HD camera? You can buy a camera worth +$700 and create professional videos. You can buy a cheap $50 camera and create low quality videos.  Are you going to make youtube videos? Is it for personal use to record family trips and family videos? You have to realize what your main purpose is and then buy a camera based off of that. So instead of asking, “What Camera Should I Buy” ask yourself, “what do i need a camera for?”

What is the Flip Ultra HD good for?

This mini video camera is practically good for about everything. That is why the Flip Ultra HD is one of the best HD video cameras. Want to create stunning HD videos that look professional? You can do just that with the Ultra HD. Many people think the Flip Video camera is only a vlogging camera but in fact it’s not. You can get yourself a tripod for the Flip and create sketches for YouTube or whatever your needs are. That is another plus for the Flip Video Cameras, there is tons of helpful accessories! So whether you are looking for a vlogging camera, best YouTube camera, or the best HD video camera, the Flip Ultra HD cant be beat. This is really a all in one type of deal at a cheap price. The Flip Ultra HD will create the most stunning video no matter the condition, it thrives on all types of lighting.


Where can i buy the Flip Ultra HD?

Even though you can’t buy the Flip at your regular electronic stores anymore like a few years ago. You  can still buy them online, like eBay or Amazon. You can usually find a good deal on eBay, a lot of people don’t trust buying used electronics from eBay. If you read the description and they offer refunds, you can actually end up getting a pretty good deal. I will post some ebay auctions for you somewhere here on this page if i find any. My favorite place to find the Flip Ultra HD camera would have to be Amazon! They offer brand new Ultra HD’s and some used for a cheap price. There may only be a limited quantity of the Flip Video cameras available on Amazon. They usually restock pretty often, i have always been able to find one. It is the best selling mini video camera on Amazon, with over 400+ ratings. The price for Ultra HD depends on if you want it brand new or used. I bought my first one new, and bought a used one a few months ago from Amazon for my nephew. I saved around $100 buying the used one, it was in excellent condition as they all are. So i recommend if you ever decide to buy the Flip Ultra HD and can not afford it brand new, buy the Used Ultra HD!