How much MONEY YouTube partners make

How much MONEY YouTube partners make

How much money YouTube partners make? This has to be one of the most asked questions around the YouTube community. People want to know how much a certain YouTuber makes. The truth is, you’re most likely never going to get and accurate answer. Mainly because YouTube partners are not allowed to disclose Google Confidential Information, such as their “Click Through Rates”. Partners get paid for displaying ads before or next to theirs videos. They get paid for every 1000 views and whenever a user clicks on an advertisement that interests them. The price they pay the YouTube partners really depends on how much the advertiser wants to pay. So, to say a certain partner makes and x amount of money because another partner is making such and such is wrong. Not every partner gets paid the same, some advertisers pay more than others, and not every video you watch has the same ad.


Make over $1,000,000 per year on YouTube?

You read that right, 1 million dollars per year! Using SocialBlade.Com, you can get an ESTIMATE of how much a youtbe partner gets. According to that site, YouTuber RayWilliamJohnson makes over a MILLION dollars per yer. Most likely more, as he keeps adding more videos. Ray has confirmed that he is making around that amount, didnt reveal exactly how much but it’s safe to say that he is YouTube’s first Millionaire. That is based on his main YouTube channel, =3. He also has 2 more partnered accounts, BreakingNYC, and YourFavoriteMartian, meaning that he most likely is making well over a million bucks a year.  On that site you can get an estimate of how much money any YouTuber is making. That does not mean the site is %100 accurate but its roughly around the amount it claims. So if you ever wanted to get an idea of how much money YouTube partners make, you can use that site, just type in their YouTube channel.


How much money YouTube partners make

Not only do partners get money from Google/YouTube, they also make money in many different ways. For example, many of your favorite youtubers have merchandise for sale, they get money for every item sold. Some partners are in the music industry, so they sell songs/albums on iTunes and make money that way. They have websites with advertisements that also puts cash in their pockets. Some get booked to host events, comedy shows, music tours, and other bookings that pay them. Product placement and sponsorship’s on certain videos they upload, companies pay them to upload videos for promotion. The money making possibilities as a partner are endless.


So there you have it, now you have an idea of how much money YouTube partners make. It really is possible to make a living off of YouTube. You just have to focus on it and work hard at it. Many of the famous youtubers today didn’t know they would one day be making thousands per video. You now know its possible, so if you want to make money from YouTube, pick up a camera and start uploading videos.