Krispy Kreme a.k.a. Tyler Cassidy’s Identity Revealed

Krispy Kreme’s Real Name Revealed

Tyler Cassidy – The newest YouTube sensation, Krispy Kreme, has a lot of people wondering if he’s all an act. For a while nobody was really able to answer that, until recently when his identity was revealed. Someone really did their research and found out his Real Name was Tyler Cassidy from Flint, Michigan. I was always curious if Krispy was for real or just a pure genius, apparently he is a genius. According to HERE, it says he graduated from Bendle High School with a 3.95 GPA. So obviously he knows what Krispy Kreme (Tyler Cassidy) Real Identity Revealedhe’s doing, and he’s good at it.


Tyler Cassidy Before He Was Krispy Kreme

You have all been able to notice from his music videos that his lyrics aren’t that bad. They are actually pretty well written with some good punchlines. Well, its because Tyler Cassidy was a rapper before he became Krispy Kreme. He put out music, some of the songs include, The Pain (actually pretty good), Forever, and Wasteland, are the ones i was able to find. It seems like he was trying to pursue a rapping career, it may not have turned out like he wanted it too, thus leading to creating a new character KRISPY KREME. We all now how that turned out!




What About Money Maker Mike?

According to rumors on the web, his real name is Tyler Newby. Not much information has been found on MMK but according to his FaceBook Account he is a BodyBuilder :) . I’m not 100% sure if that is his real account, but since he looks like the fella on the picture and account was made in 2010, it could possibly be him. Money Maker Mike most likely is not a rapper, we haven’t seen him bust a rhyme yet. Even though he has appeared in every music video next to Krispy, he has not said a single word!


Whats next for Krispy Kreme?

Whats next for Tyler Cassidy? Will he come out and admit he is Tyler Cassidy or keep playing the Krispy Kreme role? Will he continue to put out music videos? Will he change his style from comedic rapping and make it more serious? Personally i think he should come out and tell his fans that he is Tyler Cassidy. I also don’t think he should change anything regarding his music videos, they’re funny and entertaining. People should not start hating him because he was playing a different character than his real life Tyler Cassidy character. Many people knew that sooner or later his real identity was going to surface, whether Tyler was ready for it or not, that we don’t know. We will just have to wait and see what kind of videos he puts up next.